The Get Empowered! mission is to uplift, empower and support children and adults of all ages and backgrounds by inspiring them to be their BEST selves.  We immerse participants in fun, hands-on multicultural healing arts, educational coaching and unifying activities that provide them with creative tools to overcome a range of challenges: socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

The results? When children and adults get involved with us, they Get Empowered to live happier, healthier lives!

Our program design:

We bring out each participant's strengths and potential through a range of energizing and engaging arts-based education experiences that emphasize diversity and inclusion in positive ways.

We have a team of professional artists, mentors and ambassadors from around the world who empower participants with our unique, custom-designed framework that integrates multicultural arts and education components:

  • Capoeira

  • World Music/Drum Circles

  • Dance

  • Mindfulness Exercises

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Global Learning

  • Diversity/Inclusion

  • Team Building

Our programs serve individuals and groups in school, home, community and business settings, specifically designed to:

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Improve communication

  • Enhance teamwork

  • Foster respect

  • Cultivate a positive outlook

  • Increase focus and productivity

  • Teach healthy life skills

  • Leadership Development 

Our philosophy:

We believe in leaving a positive footprint on the planet by being a socially responsible, mission-driven organization. A portion of all proceeds is put towards donating Get Empowered! programs and resources to underserved communities. We partner with the TahDah Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, to bring our programs to schools and communities that otherwise could not afford it.


Our Team of Cultural Arts & Education Specialists - Healing Artists - Entertainers & Coaches

Emi Gittleman is Get Empowered!’s Founder/Executive Director. MA Education. Emi's lifelong journey and purpose are perfectly in line with Get Empowered!'s mission of uplifting, unifying and empowering. Emi was born in Queens, NY, and did a work/study cultural exchange program in Spain and Japan (where she also attended college for one year). She has maintained her connection to world cultures by bringing multicultural arts education to Spain, Japan, Guadalupe, Mexico, Israel, Canada and the Dominican Republic.

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Garry Spanner is the Co-founder and President of Get Empowered!.  Since 1994 he has been the President, CEO and majority owner of TDA Investment Group, - a real estate management firm, where he manages the oversight of asset management and investment policies. TDA uses social and environmental responsibilities and encourages their partners to be good environmental stewards to minimize the impact on our planet’s natural resources.

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Fabiano “Sabiá” Pinheiro is the Co-Director and Entertainment Facilitator for Get Empowered!. Sabiá lives in Walnut Creek, California with his wife Sarah Baltazar and two young daughters Eva Lourdes and Stella Maresol.

Sabiá was born in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil and received his capoeira apelido at the age of 9. Immigrating to the New York City in 2003, Sabiá co-founded the Kipp Amp Capoeira program, which implemented a fully inclusive Capoeira fitness and arts program into the Kipp charter schools system, serving 3000 students.

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We are privileged and honored to have the support of world-renowned leaders from the arts and entertainment industry join our Get Empowered! family. Their generosity and efforts on behalf of Get Empowered! include speaking engagements, interactive program development, master classes, and mentoring.

All of our Global Ambassadors and Mentors excel at their craft and have a deep history of dedicating their lives to serving as role models in their personal and professional lives, helping children and working tirelessly to create a better world for us all through their creative gifts.

Obba Babatundé
Jamaica, Queens

Actor, dancer, singer, musician, director, writer, horse whisperer, educator, former school founder and administrator, philanthropist and children’s advocate. He won an Emmy and NAACP Image Award and has been nominated for a Tony.

Abdiel Cedric Jacobson
Côte d’Ivoire

Principal dancer with the Martha Graham Company and a longtime children’s mentor in dance, creative movement and mindfulness.

Mestre Jelon Vieira
Bahia, Brazil

Capoeira master who has been awarded one of eleven National Heritage Fellowships, the country’s highest honor in the folk and traditional arts. He is the founder and artistic director of The Capoeira Foundation and DanceBrazil.

Bakithi Kumalo
South Africa

Percussion master who is widely known as one of the top bass guitar musicians in the world. You probably know him as a longtime and memorable member of Paul Simon’s band.


Cultivating connections and creating unified communities:

We have a national team of inspiring and energizing professional Teaching-Artists from around the world. They empower participants with our unique, custom-designed framework that integrates multicultural arts and education components. Because we are an outreach organization, our team will come to your community, educational facility, and corporate setting.

All of our team members are trained and certified in our Get Empowered! framework elements of:

Team Building, Healing Arts, Mindfulness, Empowerment Coaching, Diversity & Inclusion Training, Leadership Development, Communities in Unity Activities.



John Doing

Ivan Llanes Montejo

Nobuko Miyazaki

Kevin Nathanial

Alejandro Garcia

Moeketsi O. Gibe

John Waller

Juan Soto

Bobby Sanchez

Mikhi Woodley

Abel Damasceno

Helio Conceicao

Jean Carlo

Sleyk Bahia

Mixed Media/
Visual Arts

Mansa K. Mussa

Juliet Silveira

Bobby Sanchez





Dance/Creative MovemeNt /fitness fun

Stephanie Bastos

Nao Yamada

Asma Feyijnmi

Hazina Lisa Green

Candace Thompson

Janete Silva

Ra Ruiz

Tania Santiago

Bridget Walsh

Winston Benons Jr.

Xianix Barrera

George Cheng

Alegria Silva

Sabiá Pinheiro

Elieverson Silva

Tainah Harvey

Wesley Guimaraes

J. Baca

Nicole Harris


Marlene King

Nadia Beleza


Tatiana Jefersson


Khalila Ramirez 

Sleyk Bahia

Aninha Malandro

Axé CB

Chegado CB

Ebonie Barnett




Capoeira/Afro-Brazilian Arts

Professor Chipa

Alegria Silva

Pião Silveira

Lua Rossella Fabbri

Ary Souza Lima

Paula Pimentinha Verdino

Jadson Souza

Elieverson Silva

Sabiá Pinheiro

Janete Silva

Shante Caramelo

Malcolm Halcrombe

Uriel Arauz

Helio Conceicao

Marlene King

CM. Pincel

CM. Mascara

Paulo Silva

CM. Omi


J. Baca


Chegado CBLA


Pavao CBLA


Theater Arts/Drama/Musical Storytelling

Melissa Shaw

Robin Bady

Rachel Evans

Terry Lynn LeCompte

Joy Kelly Smith

Cynthia Vargas




Isabella Kosmacher

Nehemoyia Young

Lorene Bouboushian

Nao Yamada

Asma Feyinmi

Hazina Lisa Green

Stephanie Bastos

Khalila Ramirez


Emi Gittleman

Sabiá Pinheiro

Robin Bady

Hazina Lisa Green

Winston Benons Jr.

Melissa Shaw

Lorene Bouboushia

Rachel Evans

Kendell Monk

Terry Lynn LeCompte

Joy Kelly Smith

Nehemoyia Young

Cynthia Vargas