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Look who has joined our Get Empowered team! Thank you to our Celebrity Ambassadors & Mentors = Obba Babatundé + Abdiel Cedric Jacobson + Mestre Jelon Vieira + Bakithi Kumalo


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Capoeira is Brazil's fast and graceful Afro-Brazilian art form that blends dance, martial arts, and acrobatics into one beautiful art like no other. While singing in Portuguese,with live music accompaniment, participants ‘play’ capoeira allowing individuals and groups to: give and get respect, develop self-discipline, strengthen patience, increase physical stamina, become a valued member of a community/group, feel strong, build trust, get motivated and enhance teamwork.


Multicultural Dance & Creative Movement

Global Dance - Creative Movement, participants develop a healthy body image, build endurance, find and express their unique creative voice through body language, learn traditional & modern choreography (from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and/or Europe) and release tension in positive ways.

Empowerment Circles

Empowerment Circles / Healing Arts (overcoming obstacles in creative, sustainable ways) Participants experience what it looks, feels and sounds like to be a part of a safe, inclusive space to explore, express and reflect upon feelings, identify strengths and pinpoint challenges or obstacles they face at home, in school, in the workplace or in life. Through thoughtful, encouraging conversations and coaching, individuals and groups develop self-confidence, esteem and develop healthy outlets for physical wellness and emotional empowerment.

Mindfulness: Yoga,
Meditation & Overcoming Obstacles

Mindfulness: Yoga & Meditation participants take time to get (and be) “present”, breathe, stretch, de-stress, increase self-care, re-charge, calm the mind, sooth anxieties, and develop life skills/ sustainable strategies to reduce thoughts or habits that can be harmful to the body, mind or spirit. Ultimately, mindfulness experiences aim to help expand happiness, give each participant a sense of self-worth, connection, healing and expand love.

World Music & Drumming

World Music / Drumming participants strengthen focus, improvise, improve active listening skills, enhance communication, develop patience, find & express their creative voice, collaborate, strengthen teamwork, explore rhythms/melodies and play traditional and contemporary world music & percussion beats (from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and/or Europe) and release stress and tension in positive ways.

Diversity & Inclusion/Global Learning

Diversity & Inclusion / Global Learning participants explore, celebrate and embrace the diversity of every participant within the group, learn about other cultures through world history and story-sharing and develop a sense of connection, respect and unification to local and global communities. Through a variety of culturally creative arts-based activities, coaching, reflection conversations and group games…participants develop intercultural skills and understand global processes.